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Wednesday's Word Count

Another new month is just beyond Friday. Craziness, I tell you. I need a time turner!

Prior Goal: Undetermined.

Accomplished: Revised several chapters and then... full stop.

Goal for new week: Serious brain stormage (again), me thinks.

Excuses / comments: I seem to be in a funk still. I'm so hung up on the rewrite, that I haven't been able to get into the new WIP. And yet, I'm having a lot of indecision about certain aspects of the rewrite that I'm not making any solid progress. I think the problem is that my gut and my brain aren't on the same page. Whatever it is, it's doing a number on me! Everyone else seems to be flying through their revisions and rewrites and I'm just...stuck. But anyway, I think I'm going to spend the week asking myself six thousand questions about the rewrite, and play around with and brainstorm my new WIP when I get tired of doing that.

On another note, I had a crazy dream last night that might end up being a crazy book idea. That's always fun.

What will your goals be this week? Any news you want to share?!


Unknown said...

Casey - I get my best material (so I think anyway) from my dreams and my kids. When I'm stuck w/ a revision or wip, I've found on multiple occasions that the solution pops into my head right as I'm falling asleep. This now happens every time I'm not sure how to fix something and it happened again this week. So, I totally re-wrote the first chapter of my MG ms and revised the second and third chapter accordingly.

My other goal for the week is to finish another chapter of my YA ms so I can send it to my critique partner. Good luck w/ getting unstuck - you'll do it! :)

Weronika Janczuk said...

I was in a funk, had to deal with it by living it, and then things started to progress. I have no doubt that you'll get moving soon -- just wait for it.

Good luck as you move forward with the rewrite and the WiP. I'm hoping for the best! :)

Have a great week!

storyqueen said...

Okay, someone is probably going to kill me for saying this, but sometimes, rewriting is really overrated.

The first way the words come out is often, well, magical. And often it is the best way. Rewrite/revise to:
1.Take care of stuff that doesn't make sense (and there's always some of that),
2. Fix problems with the structure (when the book you started to write isn't the one you ended up writing)
3. Get rid of stuff that makes your reader think that you think they have no brain (too much information dumps, too much back story, over-repeating of stuff).

If you have people that read your stuff, ask them if there are parts of your book that don't make sense. (This is the biggest problem in any manuscript that needs fixing.)

Remember, only YOU can write like YOU write.....maybe you don't need to rewrite that much.

Good Luck!


Casey Something said...

Kristi, it would be really nice if the solution came to me in my dreams, but I never dream about my WIP. Just other random stuff! You never know though. Maybe it will all click together soon.

Good luck on your goal! A chapter seems very doable.

Thanks Werkonika! I hope your writing is going well.

Thanks Shelley! I can see what you're saying, and while I imagine that's true in some cases, I really do think this rewrite is necessary. The story has evolved so much (for the better) that a full rewrite is pretty much required.