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You Know You're a Writer When...

You know you're a writer when you wake up freaked out and preoccupied that your dream had no plot.

(Or maybe that's how you know you're revising.)

Have you had any "you know you're a writer when..." moments?  Share in the comments!


  1. I have a great little blue book title "You Know You're a Writer When" by Adair Lara. A friend gave it me as a gift and I laughed all the way through it. Some examples...

    ~You'll never forgive your parents for your happy childhood.

    ~You wonder if there's another word for Thesaurus.

    ~After your book is rejected, you fire off a 4,000 word e-mail to all your friends vowing never to write another word.

    As for me, I knew I was a writer when my friends started rolling their eyes. "This again??"

  2. You know you're a writer when someone says something to you and your first response is, "That would be a good title for a book."


  3. Those are great, Aimee. What a great gift that book makes for a writer!

    I love the title one Margay! So true. And sometimes a title is inspiration for a whole book.

    You also know you're a writer when you socialize just to study character and dialogue.

    But I would never do that...

  4. You know you're a writer when your child says something to you and your first thought is, "That would make a really great line in my book!"

  5. Definitely Sherrie! Kids are amazing sources of inspiration, lines, and ideas.

  6. ...when you turn down numerous social invitations with real life people because you'd rather be writing scenes for your characters. ;)

  7. You know you're a writer when every place you go counts as "book research".

  8. You know you're a writer (who talks too much about your book) when your four year old brother comes up to you and says "hey, sissy. How your characters doing today? Gonna go write?"

    True story. XD

  9. You know your a writer when you spend more time contemplating the lives of your characters than your OWN.

  10. That's so cute Jenna! And another great one, Aimee. I love these!

  11. Casey, that is hilarious!

    You know you are a writer when you turn down a trip to Great Adventure and say, "Sorry, I can't. It's my writing day."

    Also, when you read a copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves and embarrass your children because you're laughing seriously out loud.

  12. You know you're a writer when you'd rather hang out with your characters than your friends.

    You know you're a writer when you edit the handouts your child's teacher sends home.

    You know you're a writer when you start counting the words on the backs of cereal boxes.

  13. You know you're a writer when you keep coming back to read comments that relate to "You know you're a writer when..."

  14. These are fun. I don't know about all of you, but after this I definitely know I'm a writer.

    Feel free to keep em' coming!

  15. You know your a writer when you still think you have a best-selling idea despite the fact you aren't published. Surely those statistics don't apply to me.

  16. Hehe - Tara! Here's what you tell yourself. It may not a bestselling idea to them *now* but tomorrow's another day, right?

    ; )

  17. You meant to go to bed early, then look up at the clock and see that it's 1am - but you just have to finish this one scene before you can stop.

  18. HA! I can agree with so many of these, definitely the staying up way too late and, even though my eyes are closing, feeling like I have to get through just one sentence, then one more, then one more.

  19. I actually can't relate to the staying up late one. I used to, but lately I've been valuing my sleep too much. Hehehe. Good one for others though!

    You know you're a writer when... you accidentally ignore someone talking to you because you already have conversations going on in your head.

  20. LOLOLOLOL - Oh my... All your comments are so hilarious... NOW I KNOW I'm a writer... haha.

    You know you're a writer when you write notes and ideas on napkins everywhere you go.... and on receipts... and on the back of bills... and on paper plates... and...and...and... Wait... What DON'T I write notes on??? Ha ha!!!!

  21. OH... You know you're a writer when you ask your kids, "Do you like me better with or without my glasses?" And they reply, "With, because you look more like a writer."

    True story... just happened this week... haha.


  22. I've been known to write them on my hand Jenni!

    Love the story about your glasses. Writerrific!