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The lovely Deb Markanton of Driving Into A Writer's Life awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award, and the equally lovely Sherrie Peterson of Write About Now (whom I will hopefully soon meet!) awarded me the Superior Scribbler Award.  Thanks so much girls!  It's time I pay them forward. 

So, for the Kreativ Blogger award, I'm to list seven favorite things and nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers. My seven things:

Kreativ Blogger award1. Fresh, hot coffee first thing in the morning.  There's nothing like it!

2.  My kids, especially when they're giggling at the same time.  They sound so similar and it's so infectious.

3. Walking through a grove trees and not being able to see civilization for a short, peaceful while. 

4.  Checking in with my online friends and finding good news, hilarity, and inspiration.

5.  Chocolate.  'Nuff said. 

6.  Losing myself for awhile (never long enough!) in a great book.

7. Seeing dreams become reality.

Now, here are the seven bloggers I'd like to nominate. 

1.  Ann Finkelstein for sharing her lovely photography, lessons on teen driving, and thoughts on writing.

2.  Chatty Anna who certainly merits an award for creativity.  Just check out the jewelry and crafts she makes alongside her writing.

3.  Day By Day Writer, Samantha Clark, for thoughtful posts on writing and being brave enough to post her progress daily.

4.  Stephanie Julius of Musings and Scribbles.  She may not post as often as some but she always posts great, interesting stuff when she does.  Love it.

5. Tabitha Olson at Writer Musings for her great content.  Interviews, posts on writing, cakes she makes, and so many other fab things. 

6. Rebecca at Epoch for a lovely mix of posts on life, family, writing, and books.  So much I can relate to. 

7. Hilary Wagner for her fabulous teaser Tuesdays and keeping me inspired with her great attitude and recent success. 


Woo!  That took awhile.  Now, let's see...  this here Superior Scribbler Award has a more specific set of rule.  Let's get those out of the way.

  • superior_scribbler_awardEach Superior Scribbler must, in turn, pass the Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy buds.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List (!?) at the Scholastic-Scribe's blog. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Five most deserving?!  That's so many of you!  Ack.  But, I'll play by the rules.  Here are five blogs I'm always eager to read.  There are many others, but I'm trying to choose some that may not (but may have) been awarded this before.

1) Heather Hansen who make me laugh and laugh and laugh.  And, of course, she happens to be a super critique partner.  Thanks Heather!

2) Deb Markanton for having unique views on life and sharing them in great posts (who also happen to be a fab critique partner).  Get writing, Deb! 

3) Beth Revis of writing it out for a large variety of posts that keep me entertained, in the know, and learning. 

4) Christy Raedeke of Juvenescence for having one of the coolest book titles ever (Prophecy of Days Book One: The Daykeeper's Grimoire) and posts like R.I.P. Pickled Baby.

5) Ben Watson of I, uh, think I killed my muse who's relatively new to blogging but making a splash.  Also, he's Tom Thumb.  So. Awesome.

Thanks again Deb and Sherrie.  And friends, sorry I couldn't nominate all of you!  There might be more chances in the future. ; )  Stay tuned.


Tana said...

COngrats! What a beatious award!

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, congrats. A lot of the blogs on your list are new to me, so I'll go check them out!

Ann Finkelstein said...

Congratulations! I love your blog, and I get so much useful information from it.

Thank you for awarding me the Kreative Blogger award! You absolutely made my day. BTW, my sons didn't know I'd been posting the things they say when they're driving.

Anna said...

Congrats on the awards, Casey! You deserve them and many more! Your blog is such a great resource for us writers.
And thanks so much for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger! :-)

Casey Something said...

Thanks T. Anne and Corey!

Ann, that's funny about your sons. I've been enjoying the posts. : )

Thanks Anna! I just love that you share your jewelry and crafts. I hope you're doing well with your submission.

Tyler said...

Congrats on the (very well-deserved) awards! Keep up the great work!

Casey Something said...

Thanks Tyler!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! And thanks!!!

Deb Markanton said...

Oh gosh, thanks Casey! Just when I was beating my head against my laptop due to PLOT issues (as you well know)! I guess I can't quit now...

Heather Hansen said...


Tabitha said...

Congrats on the award, and thanks!!!

Your blog is great (which is why I put it in my newsletter :) ), so I'm not surprised you got such great awards. :)

Casey Something said...

You've probably already received it, Beth, but I wanted to give it to you anyway. : )

Deb, no quitting!

Heather, I know you don't post them, but I wanted to give it to you anyway too. Ha! XOXO

Thanks so much Tabitha! Your newsletter news has made my month. : ) And I'm sure it will again when it comes out. You're so sweet!

Samantha Clark said...

Hey Casey, Congratulations on your awards! Absolutely well deserved. It's funny, I was just talking about your blog at lunch, telling my husband about how passionate you must be to do all the agent research you do for all your awesome Agent Spotlights. So, I was thrilled to see that you've been awarded for it twice.

Also, THANKS for nominating my blog as a Kreativ Blogger! I'm flabergasted (love that word). I'm glad you're enjoying Day By Day Writer. I'm definitely having a lot of fun writing it, and I find it useful in keeping my novel writing inspired too.


Casey Something said...

Hey, Samantha. I'm glad you saw this. I probably should have told you it was here.

I think you're doing a great job with your blog. It has a nice mix of personal and writing-related content.

I do think I'm pretty passionate! I hope it inspires other writers to care as much about their writing careers as I do.

Hilary Wagner said...

You little sneaky sneak! I just saw this! How crazy sweet of you! Thanks so much Casey!! It warmed my heart to read that! I was just catching up on your blog and I saw my name...huh??? Thanks again. I just love this blog and it's such a wonderful resource for writers. You must spend so much time working on this and I know everyone here appreciates how much you truly do for the writing community! Thanks so much!

xoxo -- Hilary

Casey Something said...

Thanks Hilary! You're so sweet. You really have inspired me! I love me some success stories. : )