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Agent News: Two New Agents @ Golblatt Literary

Putting this up later than I meant to but I thought I'd still post in case anyone missed it!

Barry Goldblatt Literary
is now home to two new agents, Beth Fleisher and Joe Monti. The Goldblatt web site has been relaunched to reflect its new crew and I'm excited to report both new agents will be living up to the Goldblatt standard and focusing their energies on kidlit!

An excerpt from the press release on the Goldblatt blog: “I’m thrilled to be growing the agency,” says Barry Goldblatt. “At a time when there’s a lot of doom and gloom out there, I’m optimistic about the future, and I thought what better way to show that than by expanding? And to be able to do so with smart, talented people like Joe and Beth sends the confident message that bigger and better things are ahead.”

You can read this and the rest of the press release HERE.

What are the new additions looking for?

Beth Fleisher:

"I'm particularly interested in finding new voices in middle grade and young adult fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, historicals and action adventure as well as select children's and adult non-fiction. I welcome both prose and graphic novel formats."

Joe Monti:

"As an agent I'll be focusing on children's and young adult, or teen literature, as well as some adult genre fiction. I'm also interested in working with folks who are writer-artists of graphic works, from graphic novels to picture books. Specifically I love work that breaks new ground, a work that is subversive or enlightening by utilizing a different approach.

"I'm also an unabashed lover of genre fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction. I'm also looking for cultural diversity as I come from a mixed race family, and my son is an even bigger mutt than I am. And lastly, I'm a big beleiver that the widely held beleif 'boys over a certain age do not read' is nonsense. Guys read, especially if they have a range of materials to read from that interests and speaks to them."

Good luck friends! I hope to hear of at least one of you getting signed. ; )


Beckie said...

Casey, H's mom here. Your new white font is like a ghost writing on the google reader. Very hard to read on the reader.

Love your blog, by the way. :)

Casey Something said...

Thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate it!

I had a formatting issue with the post when I copied over some of the text. It didn't pick up the html color code so I changed it manually in edit mode, and well, I think the reader picked that up rather than defaulting to black.

Eh, all that basically means is I think I know what happened and fixed it. Please let me know if it happens again when I post tomorrow.


Beckie said...

When you started telling me about your formatting issue, you kind of lost me. Heh

Your font is much better now. :)

Casey Something said...

A prime example of my tendency to ramble.

: )

I'm glad it looks better now.

Christina Farley said...

Great post! Thanks for the update.