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Wednesday's Word Count

First off, I loved this post by Maureen Johnson. I think she summed up my largest issue with this line:

" . . . you want to know what you do when everything slows down and goes splat. The problem PROBABLY isn’t that you’re bored, it’s that you don’t know what comes next."

Prior Goal:
4,000 words.

Achieved: Edits, some new scenes... eh, ??

Goal for new week: 4,000

Excuses / comments: I'm stuck. I really don't what my story needs to move it from middle to end. Like usual, I wrote a couple random scenes to keep me writing but the more I do this, the more the story feels disjointed. I needed to do something to keep me working on the manuscript though, so I worked through it and edited the major plot points that have changed since the story's inception. It was actually really refreshing. I feel less bogged down by all the changed details that were building up behind me. I think I ended up deleting about 6,000 words (ouch) but I added at least a couple thousand back and have a couple scenes to finish rewriting. In any case, I'm sitting at 32k rather than 35k now. It's kind of depressing going backwards but in other ways I feel better so hopefully moving forward will now be easier.

How are YOU doing? Better than me, I hope!


  1. Awwwwww that stinks, but good for you for persisting through! I've hit those rough patches too...usually, it's because I'm forcing a plot point that isn't right or something, or I haven't plotted it enough.

    Keep hanging in there!

  2. Thanks so much Rhonda! It hasn't been an easy story to write and I've been pushing myself to write the first draft in two months, so it's probably my own fault!

    It'll get there...eventually.

  3. I so admire the fact that you've written as much as you have! I've finally allowed myself to acknowledge that my writing can be really good. The problem is the actual story/plot. I keep throwing things out because I'm not finding the right twist to make it mine. Too much thinking and comparing to other stories. How do you overcome that?

  4. Nice writing week here. I added 11K words to my WIP!

  5. Congrats.. Sounds like you got a lot done!! :)

    Not much writing here. Back to work tomorrow. :)

  6. I wrote about 10 words this morning, does that count? :)

    Keep at it, though! There's always that rough patch through the middle.