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Wednesday's Word Count

Question for a Wednesday: What is your greatest source of motivation when things aren't moving the way you want?

For me, it's great books and re-reading the motivating words others have given me in the past.

Prior Goal:
4,000 words.

Achieved: 4,017.

Goal for new week: 4,000.

Excuses / comments: I had a pretty good week. I met my goal but I definitely could have written more if I had written daily. I'm back up to 35k now so I finally feel like I'm moving forward again after the cuts I did (although there are more I'll have to do eventually.) Still struggling with the story at this point but I'm confident it will shape up soon.

What do you have to report this week? Progress? Any good news? I'd love to hear some good news!


Unknown said...

Motivation is something I struggle with. It's almost as though I have to get completed disgusted with my lack of progress before I can get into gear and back in the grind.

Unknown said...

Ugh...my new goal is to just make it though 1-5k words a week...at least until summer break!

Crystal said...

I struggle with motivation CONSTANTLY. And I think procrastination goes hand-in-hand with my lack of progress. I feel like KLo that I have to be completely fed up with this lack of progress before I can move forward. It's weird, I know . . .

Stephanie J said...

I normally struggle with motivation but I'm at a good point (at least right now!). I like to touch on favorite books or branch out and read something outside of my norm. The fresh perspective is sometimes what I need to get going.

Prior Goal: Over the weekend I established the goal of finishing my book in 1 month,

Achieved: Not sure as I don't have my WIP in front of my but I have several thousand under my belt since then.

Excuses/Comments: I'm not even close to meeting my daily w/c goal if I'm to be done by the end of May but I'm writing more than ever. It's no longer surprising to crank out 1K+ in one sitting. so I feel like I'm moving forward albeit slowly.

And perhaps the biggest question: how the heck do I get myself to stop wasting my time by checking email 50 times a day?!

Heather Hansen said...

I need to get back on the ball with this. So I’m going to say… 5K words for next week. I’m sitting at the cusp of 38K. Next Wed. I need to be at 43K (hopefully farther, but that will do).

And you are AMAZING, Casey. I love your new book. Keep plugging!

Christina Farley said...

I'm actually extremely self motivated but then I push myself and I'm like sick for days. So I need someone (like my husband) who forces me to take breaks, stop the coffee overloads and rest.

Weronika Janczuk said...

4k is very impressive! Goodness gracious! I hope to hear more about your progress soon. :)

Casey Something said...

KLo: I struggle with it, too. I can even relate to getting completely disgusted with myself before being able to get it together. We can do it!

Beth: I think that's a great goal! As long as you're writing something weekly, you're making progress!

Crystal: I do too. I really do. I can see your point on procrastination. I think, sometimes, I'm afraid to fail and so I don't push myself as hard as could because I'm scared to get to that point!

Stephanie: !!! You're getting so close! Awesome goal! As far as e-mail... you. must. resist. But don't listen to me. I do the same thing. HAHAHA.

Heather: 5k would be awesome. Secretly that's what I'm hoping to do but every time I try to increase my word count on here I seem to feel miserably. LOL. And thank you AGAIN for the encouragement. You're my hero.

Christina: I wish I had your problem! That's awesome. And your hubby sounds like a sweetheart. Yay for writing-supportive hubbies!

Weronika: Thanks so much for commenting! Hopefully I'll have good progress to report next week, too. Hope your writing is going well!

Thanks for all the awesome comments today everyone!

PJ Hoover said...

Just letting my revision simmer a bit before diving back in!