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Wednesday's Word Count

Happy (?) April Fool's Day!

Prior Goal: 7,000 words.

Achieved: 4643 words.

Goal for new week: 5,500

Excuses / comments: I slacked off a few days this week, and then yesterday I was having vertigo problems. It is not fun trying to write with a swimming head. Just sayin'. Shelli, if you read this, I can't beleive you've survived your vertigo issues this long! I was miserable! So far my head seems to be more agreeable today. Anywho, I have roughly 5,500 words left of my 30k, so I'm going to try to pump that out over the next few days. Woot! I must admit, my MS is quite the mess but it's all about getting the words down right now, right? Shh, internal editor, shhh.

Now, I want status updates (with excuses - ha!) for those of you doing the 30k challenge, and general writing updates/goals from everyone else. I hope everyone is having a great writing week!

Don't forget, tomorrow we're putting the spotlight on Stephen Barbara and there's some great flash waiting to be written over at Flashy Fiction!


Lisa Nowak said...

I got two more chapters written over the last three days (don't ask me what I did the rest of the week. I can't remember). The weird thing is that I worked and ran errands for the better half of two of those days, and yet the writing came much quicker and easier than it did last week when I spent the whole day in front of the computer. Go figure.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

hey how is your vertigo. if it comes and goes - i would goes see your GP - you may have an internal ear infection. Mine is just now clearing up after 6 months! glad to know someone understands me. Sux