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Lit Soup's Birthday and Contest

First off, today is the 3rd Birthday of agent Jenny Rae Rappaport's blog, Lit Soup. She's celebrating by having a microfiction contest!

The rules: here.
The "magic" word and contest thread: here.
And make sure to stop by this post and say Happy Birthday to the blog!


Setting that bit of fun aside, what do you think of the new layout? Be honest. Too dark? Did you like the old one better? I'd really like to know!


  1. I'm actually finding it easier to see everything. Like it a lot : ) !

  2. Casey, I like the organization, but it is a bit dark for me. (I have congenital cataracts though, so I'm more sensitive to that than most)

  3. I never saw the old design, but I love this look. Very classy, and very easy on my eyes.

  4. I've noticed a lot of blogs just go for the white look with a custom header. Do you think that would be more professional looking? Or do you prefer a more unique look?


  5. Casey,

    I think a unique look is good, providing it is clean and not overly quirky. To echo something I noted on Heather's new web page, you want to look professional without looking corporate. Corporate means a little sterile, a little impersonal. Authors still need to be a little dignified and show they can get the job done, but be warm and personable.

    Purely personal taste, but I love your color palette. White backgrounds often glare, and black backgrounds can be too contrasty.

    One opnion among many. :)

  6. Thanks C.N. Nevets! I appreciate your feedback. I really like this look but I want it to sit well with my readers more than myself.

  7. WHOA!

    I LOVE the new layout! So nicely organized! AWESOME!!!

  8. Corey, would it help if the text was brighter - white? Or is it the whole color scheme?