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2009 Goals - March Review

I'm going to do a quick review of my goals (as I do every month) since it's the 31st already! The original set for 2009 is here.


Still on track to have my WIP finished by the end of May.
Still on track for my end-of-year goals.
Read four books.
Blogged regularly.
Continued my usual learning and researching.
Reviewed my goals for March!

For April, on top of the usual, I'm charging myself with:

Finish the 30k in 30 (one) days challenge (on time.)
Continue writing daily (minus weekends, perhaps).
One book review.
One teaser or excerpt.
Practice reading out loud on my children.

Anyone else want to post some April goals? Don't forget to check back for our weekly goal post tomorrow - Wednesday's Words!

Goals, goals, goals. I seem to be all about goals this year, don't I?


Keri Mikulski said...

Congrats on a productive March!

1. Write first three chapters of two proposals for SCREWBALL series and send to editor.
2. Begin writing new WIP
3. Read three books
4. Sign up for two softball tournaments book signings.
5. Stay off FACEBOOK. :)

JC Falor said...

Goals are Great! I don't have any big ones for April myself, other than write everyday (minus the weekends). A nice relaxing month. It's time for one.

PurpleClover said...

I think I need you to send me the occasional kick in th epants!

Lisa Nowak said...

I know what you mean about the goals. I'm hammering away at them this year, too. I think I have too many,though. They're starting to make me crazy.

In April I want to continue the re-write of Driven (I'm not crazy enough to say I'll get it done), submit at least ten more queries, start writing the code for the Synergy website, and take over maintenance of the website for my high school alumni association. That last one ought to be a fairly big time suck, since I only have a vague idea of what I'm doing!

Casey Something said...

Great goals Keri and Lisa! And keep up the writing Janeal and Jenn.

I hope we all have a great April, whether or not we meet our goals!