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So Tell Me: What's in Your Notebook?

It seems like a lot of writers keep a notebook.

The only time I actually use a physical notebook is when I'm brainstorming. I can't write longhand for the life of me, but I brainstorm on paper better than I do on a Word document. I also jot down names and ideas in my notebook when I come across ones I just have to remember.

My favorite English teacher from college once mentioned she keeps notebooks full of quotes and metaphors she likes from the books she reads. I was thinking about this yesterday, when I came across a descriptory sentence I just loved, and began wondering why I don't do the same. I think, if I kept a notebook full of great writing to review when I'm needing inspiration, my writing would be better for it.

So, just curious. What's in your notebook?


PJ Hoover said...

Aside from my 4-year-old's scribbles, I keep random notes in mine. Things that strike me and I write them down.

PurpleClover said...

I dont keep a notebook but when I have an idea I jot it down in one of my kids notebooks. Then I try to keep track of it. lol.

I wrote my idea for the latest manuscript I'm writing. As soon as I find it I'm sure I realize I've missed something!

Keri Mikulski said...

Love notebooks. I keep a separate notebook for every book I write. I paste various pics to help me with possible scenes and characters. I also keep descriptions of characters, scenes, chapters, dates in order, information pertaining to the book, quotes, first drafts, etc.. :)

Jennifer said...

I keep notes on grammar and style, my current WIP, notes and pictures relevant to the WIP, info on agents and writing contests, and pics that make me smile. I'm really, really OCD about how it's organized, too.
I just love carrying it around everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. My mother had to steal it once to keep me from dragging it to Red Lobster. Haha. :)

Christina Farley said...

Mine is very random and would make no sense to anyone else. But it's a combination of great phrases I think up, descriptions, sounds,and smells. And then there are lines that I know are cool and I will want to stick them in my WIP.

So... stuff!

Casey Something said...

Ha! I love having a "peak" into your notebooks.

Thanks for sharing!