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Wednesday's Word Count

Here we are at another last Wednesday of the month. Next Wednesday is April 1st! Wow. This year is flying. I know, I know. I keep saying that but it certainly feels that way!

Prior Goal:
7,000 words.

Achieved: 7570 words.

Goal for new week: 7,000.

Excuses / comments: Last Friday and Saturday were rough writing days for me. I've still managed to write every day since the start of our writer month, but on those two days I only squeaked out a couple-few hundred words. So, in making up for those days, my word count isn't as high as it would and could have been but it's still above my goal, so I'm quite happy with it.

Anyone making any progress in daily and/or weekly goals? Even if you aren't doing so hot with the 30k in 30 (one) days challenge or your daily writing, please leave an update! I'm rooting for you no matter how much you get done!

The key is to keep writing, even if it's just a little when you can find the time.

P.S. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for an Agent Spotlight on Faye Bender. Also, we'd love to see more people over at Flashy Fiction. It's a great place to get some writing practice in!


  1. Wow. You are my hero. :)

    I'm at a slight impasse. I hope to overcome my "writers block" by writing more (if you read Nathan's blog it was so helpful to see I was not alone)!

  2. I'm doing really poorly at this... Are you surprised? LOL

    It seems whenever I commit to a writing challenge, a million other things happen.

    --I'm okay with the million other things! hahahahaha

  3. Wow! Keep it up. First drafts are so much fun but brutal. I working on my second draft. And many more to go!