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Wednesday's Word Count

Golly gosh, it's March people! Any exciting spring plans?

Prior Goal: Finish last week's chapter and writer another.

Achieved: Finished last week's chapter and other (see comments.)

Goal for new week: Write like a mad woman?

Excuses / comments: I have news. I started a new novel. I can hear your collective groans, BUT this novel is really more worth my time and I have my critique partner's blessing. I might still plink away at my MG, but I'm definitely switching focus. I'm both excited and frustrated at once. I'm starting over AGAIN and it's going to throw off my goals (unless I write like a mad woman - MarchWriMo anyone?) but I'm excited about the potential! I feel like this is "the one." We'll see!

So what are you working on? Have any specific goals this week?

P.S. Later today I'll be announcing my new blog series-thing, so check back!


  1. I might be down for a Marprilwrimo challenge. I'm really excited about two different books right now, but I can try to focus my energies. One will probably only be around 30k, so I think a mid-March to mid-April book-fest may be doable.

    What's your WC goal for your new WIP?

  2. Nevermind, just saw the ticker. Hmm, I'm shooting for 65k on my other project...a race, maybe?

  3. Good luck on the writing! I think I'll be working on revisions later this month, or else I'd be up for writing with ya. :D

  4. Tyler - ha! I'm SO not going to write 65k in one month but I'd love to knock out a good chunk. What about 25-30k?

  5. Thanks Rhonda! I hope your revisions go well. Your covers turned out so cute!

  6. Congrats on starting a new novel! I've been reading through one of mine before revising it. Trying to get those big picture things down I need to do.

  7. 25-30k would be perfect, I'll work on my smaller one.

    I'm gonna need a few more days to work the plot out, though, as this thing is brand-spankin' new.

    How about starting the count on March 10th, Monday? Average 1k a day, for 30k by April 10th.

    Is it on?

  8. Thanks PJ! More revising in your future, I see!

    Tyler: It's on!

    Anyone else want to join us?

  9. I'm going to try to do it with you... it depends on if I'm "free" by March 10th.

  10. Yay Heather! I hope you can join us!

    Do we want to use Wednesday's Words to check in or do we want to do it in some other fashion?