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Wednesday's Word Count

I'm feeling rather happy today. The weather looks to be beautiful. I'm actually getting out of the house to spend time with a friend. This is my 150th post. I have several new followers. My one-year blogiversary is right around the corner (April 3rd.) Tomorrow is our third Agent Spotlight (Maya Rock.) And, I have a great word count to report for Wednesday's Words this week!

Prior Goal: 7,000 words.

Achieved: 9215 words.

Goal for new week: 7,000 to keep up with our WriMo.

Excuses / comments: There really is something to writing every day. One of my goals for our writer month (MarPrilWrimo) was to write daily. The first couple of days it was a breeze. I'm always amped up when I start something new. The next few days, however, proved to be more challenging. I managed to write every single day but getting my goal of 1k a day onto the page was becoming more difficult. I did it. There hasn't been a day since we started that I've ended up under 1k, but there have been a few days where I've had to stop and come back to my writing two or three times to get it done. This is day ten and now that I've gotten into the routine of writing daily, I'm finding that it's getting easier. I was looking over my writing log this morning (I keep a daily word count log) and noticed that I've actually crept up to about 1300 words a day. Now I'm wondering, if I keep writing daily, will it keep getting easier? Will that word count keep creeping up? I think it just might but I'll have to wait and see.

For those of you doing MarPrilWrimo, how is it going? As our mid-month-to-mid-month writing challenge progresses, is it getting easier or harder for you to keep up with the demand?

For those of you not doing MarPrilWrimo, how is your writing going? What are you working on? Any goals you'd like to share?

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday today! Check out the Query Tactic post from yesterday and chime in if you haven't already. I've enjoyed reading everyone's take on querying!


Eric said...

I actually wish I had the dedication you obviously have. I'm workin' on it, trying to get into the habit of writing every day, but I can't say as I'm successful just yet. Congrats though on what you're doing.

Tyler said...

I'm laaaaaagging. Don't know what it is, I like my new book. I'm hoping to stage a come-from-behind victory.

Keep it up, though! It definitely gets easier once you discipline yourself into making it a habit. Then you almost start to get antsy when you don't get to the computer and write. Unfortunately, it's super easy to fall OUT of the habit, haha.

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I need to get some of your dedication if I want to get my second novel finished this millennium : )

Suzanne Young said...

That's really amazing! I can't force myself to write. (I'm actually trying right now). I'm more of a write when inspired... so that doesn't work so well in times like these.

But you inspire me!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been getting in a couple of hours each day before working on the handouts for the class I'll be teaching. It's coming up in a few weeks, so I really need to get that project done. It is a lot easier if you write every day. But it's tough to do that and another major project at the same time.

Casey Something said...

Eric: Just keep at it. Start where you're comfortable, even if that's 200 words a day or even less. Trust me, it's taken me awhile to develop this level of dedication and I still have plenty of room to improve. Plenty.

Tyler: Quit being a slacker! I expected you to keep up with me. Just kidding. Mostly. I know you can do it though. Butt in chair!

KLo: Just keep at it. Make some goals. Gather up some friends and do a challenge (or join ours!) It can be really motivating.

Suz: When you get inspired you FLY though. I think it makes up for any uninspired times. Ha! Really though, if you want to write on-command you just need to work at it. Set an obtainable daily goal to MAKE yourself do, and then, on those days you are inspired, write your heart out. Just keep working on your daily writing goals too!

Lisa: It's definitely a challenge mixing life with writing and having to prioritize. Glad you're getting those two hours a day! I'll probably be done reading your MS today or tomorrow!

PurpleClover said...

YAY That is awesome! You're doing great on your wrimo!