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Flashy Fiction Fun - Join us!

More news and newness!

I'm part of a new group blog called Flashy Fiction! We give you prompts seven days a week, you give us flash fiction in the comments!

The crew:

Miss Monday: Patti Tucker
Miss Tuesday: Moi!
Miss Wednesday: Trish Doller
Miss Thursday: Heather Hansen
Miss Friday: Suzanne Young
Miss Saturday: Christy Raedeke
Miss Sunday: Amanda Morgan

(I so just added the miss-day thing in so we could feel like hot calender girls!)

Here's the 411!

Are you struggling to find the words? Have you lost your desire to write? Need to remember how fun it is to create without criticism? This is the site for you!

What is Flashy Fiction?

Flashy Fiction is a blog designed to motivate you to write. We will give you prompts, your job is to write a flash piece and post it in the comments. The prompts can be anything – pictures, a series of words, a news article, a sentence, or quote.

Make this process something creative for you! Use it as a jumping off point to get back to your manuscript.

How does Flashy Fiction work?

Anyone can participate in Flashy Fiction. Read or view the prompt and then spend 10 to 20 minutes writing your flash piece. We do not care about your level of experience.

What can you write?

ANYTHING! It can be silly, or cute, or downright sad. Language is your choice as well. The only thing we ask is that it be on topic.

As a matter of courtesy, we do ask that all comments be nice. This is NOT a critique site and should not be treated as such. The participants are sharing pieces for fun.

Come check it out!


PJ Hoover said...

Sounds like a blast, Casey! And what a fun name. Flashy!

ReNu said...

How do I join? By just following and posting comments on each topic?

Casey Something said...

Yup. Follow the blog and post some flash fiction when you see a prompt that inspires you. Or, if you don't feel like posting anything, you can always comment and encourage others who have.

Emily Cross said...

What a great idea Casey!

With your permission, i'd like to put up a post about this on my writers forum?

Heres the link: http://thewriterschronicle.forumotion.net/forum.htm

let me know ;) - such a great idea!

Write Nostalgia said...

Ah, now I get it. Thanks, Casey.

Casey Something said...

Sure thing, Emily! I thought about posting it but I wasn't sure where to put it. Under the short story section?

You can go ahead and post it wherever you like!

Emily Cross said...

I posted a thread under 'flash fiction' in the short story section. Feel free to maybe add a link to the 'helpful links' section or on the 'update my blog' thread too :)

Great idea