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Agent News: The McVeigh Agency

Former Simon & Schulster/Aladdin editor Mark McVeigh has announced the formation of his agency, The McVeigh Agency. He'll be representing both children's and adult literature.

"I'm looking for select picture books (think character driven, funny, or with a totally kid-centric hook to work in today's PB market), chapter books of all kind, middle grade for both boys and girls--think everything from BEACON STREET GIRLS and FRINDLE to TUCK EVERLASTING and KIRA KIRA (especially things that can be turned into series), YA of all sorts, from comic to angst-y, from envelope-pushing issue-based to romantic, graphic novels for both kids and adults, unusual or very topical nonfiction, and select adult. If a person has a unique idea, concept, or vision AND a voice, I'll do all I can to help them shape it into a manuscript that can work in todays market."

Update: Mr. McVeigh's web site is now up. You can find it here. Also a Q&A with Mark McVeigh at Alice Pope's CWIM Blog here. And more recently, another interview here.

Queries can be sent to: mark(at)themcveighagency.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Casey. I hadn't come across this one before.

Corey Schwartz said...

Ohm thanks so much! I may try him!

Suzanne Young said...

Such a nice guy, too! Thanks for keeping us all up on the hype, Casey! You rock!

Tyler said...

Oh wow, this is interesting news. He certainly knows his fair share of people 'round the children's book world.

Thanks for the news!

Jennifer said...

Thankee much! I'll have to add him to my happy little list of people to query. :)

Heather Hansen said...

He's pretty great!

PurpleClover said...

Where did you find this?? I've been trying to google it and can't get any details. Does he have a site yet?

Heather Hansen said...

The original announcement went out on the Verla Kay boards – you have to be logged in to see it.

He hasn’t announced to the public yet. Two more weeks, or so. But he is taking queries.

Mark’s my agent and he’s FANTASTIC.