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Agent Spotlight: Mary Kole

Mary Kole is no longer a literary agent. Do not query. Please refer to her post on Kidlit for details:


  1. Writing is a journey. Mary's advice about reading and writing is dead on. She's so sweet and talented. Thanks Casey for the post!

  2. I've always been impressed by how much knowledge Mary shares about the industry. Great post!

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  3. Mary Kole is one of my agent crushes. She's super nice and very informative. Her video on Writeoncon was brain exploding awesome.

  4. BTW Casey your blog is wonderful. It's gives so much important information in one location, it make researching agents a billion times easier.

  5. I'd love to have Mary as an agent. Too bad she's not looking for high fantasy. But I still love her blog. It's full of helpful info. And like Erinn said, her vlog on WriteOnCon was awesome.

  6. Great spotlight! I interviewed her, too and she was very forthcoming. You can read it on my blog:

    It's nice to know some agents love darker genres! :-)

  7. Excellent post on the sparktabulous Mary Kole! You put a lot of work into this and it shows.

  8. Great post, Casey! I was wondering when you were going to profile Mary. She is such a class act, all the way. And her blog is absolutely wonderful!

  9. Mary Kole's blog is a must read for kidlit writers. Thanks for another great profile, Casey!

  10. Mary seems like a real go-getter and she always has good advice on her blog.