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Tip Tuesday #49

Well, you know I'm going to suggest you register and participate in WriteOnCon, right?  But I also have a fabulous tip from Racheal today.  Check it out!

Note: this trick only works for Firefox users. Apologies to Internet Explorer and Safari users. There is a Chrome extension for WiseStamp as well. There are tricks that you can use with certain email providers to do the same thing, I just don't know what they are.

I send a lot of emails and a lot of them are queries which are basically just the same, slightly-tailored letter over and over again. I keep them pasted in a Word document for easy access. Now I have an even easier way.

Firefox has an add-on called WiseStamp. It allows you to create multiple signatures and easily insert them to a wide variety of email programs including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and more. It also allows you to create signatures for other things such as Facebook, Twitter, and AIM.

Just download the add-on and a little icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your browser. Click on this and click "Edit signature." Put what you want your canned email to be in the box on the page.

Now to insert the canned email, just open up a new message on your favorite email program. A similar icon should appear above the text box. Just click on it, click on the name of the signature you want to insert, and there it is! All you have to do is make the required tweaks, put in a subject and address, and hit Send. =D

Unfortunately it seems that you can only have two signatures (default labeled "Personal" and "Business" though this can be changed) so you could do two different forms of your query, or do one plain query and one query with sample pages. 

What a neat add-on, Rachael! I could see that being really useful. Once you send a test query to yourself and get it all dialed in you shouldn't have to worry about formatting or typo issues either, just personalizing the query.  Awesome!


Chris said...

Hi Casey,
It's just past 6am (I just got up and planned to get to WriteOnCon) on the West Coast and it appears that the WritOnCon site has crashed. It feels so lonely. Any word?

Steena Holmes said...

good idea! Thanks!

Casey McCormick said...

Hi Chris,

Not sure why it crashed. We were supposed to be prepared for a lot of traffic. We have our web goddesses on it. We'll keep everyone updated on Twitter.


Chris said...

OK now you got me. I don't have a Twitter account. How bout FaceBook?

Kelly Polark said...

I'm having a similar problem on WriteonCon, every time I try to go on website, I get a page that says Forbidden. Any insight?

Casey McCormick said...

Chris, Kelly, just posted the vlogs from 9:00 am in a new post here on Lit Rambles. We're still working on the site.

Rachael, sorry for all the WriteOnCon stuff on your tip post!! I hope people will be trying this add-on!

Matthew MacNish said...

This sounds interesting. I'll check it out, thanks Casey and Rachael! And I'm at work so I haven't even checked on WOC yet.

Rachael said...

Chris -- I think it also works with Facebook. I lost all my plug-ins yesterday though so I can't check for sure.

That's okay, Casey :) I've been worried about WOC myself. Can't believe it's finally here!

P.S. Since I sent this to you, I received an email from the maker's tech support confirming that you can only have two signatures at this point in time. But it's still pretty awesome.

Casey McCormick said...

Okay, I've bumped this back up. Thanks for being awesome, Rachael.

Everyone, if you want to talk WriteOnCon, please go to the post previous to this. Thank you!

Ann Marie Wraight said...

An EXCELLENT tip Rachael!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the less computer oriented followers!

CASEY - been trying to access


since yesterday BUT just keep getting ERROR blzed all over my screen!
HEY KELLY - are you OK now???
Feel REALLY disappointed as came back from hols so I'd have internet access these 3 days...sob!

Lisa Nowak said...

Cool tip. Thanks Rachael!

Lisa Nowak said...

Cool tip. Thanks Rachael!