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Awesome Peeps, Big Thanks

Writer JD Betts recently e-mailed wanting to know if she could feature my blog on hers, Sit. Desk.Write.  I said, "of course!" and here it is.  Thanks so much, JD!

I've also been collecting reviews, recaps, and takeaways of WriteOnCon.  I haven't had time to thank you all individually, so I wanted to put a big THANK YOU here and share your posts with others. 

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I know I'm still missing a ton.  If you've recapped, reviewed, or blogged about WriteOnCon, please leave a link in the comments and I'll add it to the list!


Martina Boone said...

Thank YOU, Casey, and the other WriteOnCon organizers for putting on such an amazing event. Marissa and I are really looking forward to the monthly WriteOnCon chats and other events you have cooking.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Wow! What a list. I think it bodes that you'll have an even bigger turnout for the conference next year.

Christine Fonseca said...

You are so sweet Casey - but really, THANK YOU and the others for WriteOnCon! You guys did an amazing job!

Elizabeth May said...

I mentioned WriteOnCon in my entry about why I decided to trunk my last manuscript in favor of the one I mentioned on the WOC forums.


Seriously, girls, this Con was fabulous! I got some wonderful responses from agents, and even if nothing becomes of it, I can't thank you enough!

--Elizabeth May

Lisa_Gibson said...

Writeoncon was so fabulous. You ladies really did a super job putting it all together. I can't wait until next year.
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Casey McCormick said...

Thanks girls!!! I added yours Elizabeth. Thank you!! And congrats on the contest win.

Elizabeth May said...

Thanks, Casey! If anything comes out of this, you will be the first person to know. I can't tell you how much I loved WriteOnCon. It was truly wonderful!

MTeacress said...

What an ideal post. I didn't participate in WriteOnCon, so I'm looking forward to checking out what these participants have to say. Thanks!

Samantha Clark said...

Here's my post about WriteOnCon: http://daybydaywriter.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/write-on-con/

It was a fabulous conference. I loved going through everything.

My only suggestion for next year would be the navigation. I found it difficult to find older posts (and I wasn't able to be at my computer all the time to see them scroll), but once I found the schedule, I loved that I could click through to everything from there. So, my suggestion would be to have the schedule more easily accessible, instead of as part of the About drop down menu.

Looking forward to next year's. If I can help, please let me know.

Miriam Forster said...

Yah WriteOnCon! :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Amazing list, Casey! I'm not surprised so many people blogged about it. It was a fabulous con, so well executed and jam packed with useful information. Congratulations to all of you!

Blazer67 said...

You are ALL awesome! Thanks, Casey, for the idea of WriteonCon. It's spectacular. I wasn't able to attend live but am working my way through the archives.

You're blog is without a doubt one of the top 10 writing blogs on the web, at least for me.

PK HREZO said...

Hi, Casey! I blogged on your awesome conference a week or so ago.... here's the link.... it's included inthe spinout section:


Thanks, and write on, sista! :)

Casey McCormick said...

Glad you all enjoyed WriteOnCon so much! Sam and PK, added you. THANK YOU!

The Newbie Novelist said...

I haven't recapped WriteOnCon *yet* but I did mention it in my blog while it was going on, and I am giving this BLOG AWARD to all the ladies that were the founders. So, please accept my blog award! (I think this is how you do it, it's the top post of my blog: I'm new at this)


Casey McCormick said...

Thanks so much Newbie Novelist!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list, Casey!! Thanks for including my post. And yes, Writeoncon was so awesome!!

S.P. Sipal said...

Late to the party, but thanks for including me. WriteOnCon was fabulous! I still have a couple of workshops I want to attend, but the great part of this conference is -- I still can!!

I'll be adding to my notes as time permits. Thank you!

Bridgid Gallagher said...

Another late arrival. Thanks for linking to Inky Fresh Press! WriteOnCon rocked and I am 100% delighted to promote the heck out of it!

I'm so impressed by the quality (and quantity) of information on WriteOnCon. I'm still finding new info!

Thank you, again, for all of your hard work!


Anonymous said...

The WriteOnCon was a fantastic idea, with offerings that were on a par with traditional writer's conferences. Really a stellar event, and I'm looking forward to next year's. :)