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Tip Tuesday #48 - SCBWI!

My tip this Tuesday (on Wednesday) is... go to a SCBWI international conference! It was a truly great experience. I have a ton to do this week, but I'll try to find time in the upcoming weeks to share some of the notes I took.  Definitely check out the Official SCBWI Conference Blog if you haven't already.  They've pretty much got it covered. 

Some photos!

Carol Valdez-Miller and Sherrie Peterson

Me, Shannon Messenger, Kimberly Derting, Sara McClung, and Carol Valdez-Miller.


Sara McClung, Carol Valdez-Miller, and Shannon Messenger (Sara and Carol were my roommates and Shannon might as well have been!).



Me and Suzanne Young being dorky!


The editor and publisher panels (hard to see, sorry!).



If you shared pictures or notes on your blog, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Great pictures. I would have loved to go and hang out with you. That's a super awesome Tuesday tip.

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! What fun!

  3. Whose idea was it for the thumbs up?? hahahaha

    Fun pictures though!!!

  4. Wow! How I would love to have missed my job to go to the conference! So jealous!

  5. Love the pics, Casey!!
    Looks like all you fabulous people had a fabulous time!!

  6. Aw Casey! I miss you!! Had such a wonderful time. So glad to have met up. Let's do it again soon.

    Love the pics! You and Suzanne are so adorable.

  7. It looks like you had a fun time! Forgive me if I'm missing something I should have known already, but what was the theme behind all the red?

  8. You're a photogenic bunch and all this makes me so happy!

  9. My favorite part of reading the SCBWI posts are the candid pictures! That is what really makes you feel like you were there. (And they didn't post too many on the official blog, so it's cool to see them here!)

    wish I could have been there!


  10. I'm still on a high from the whole thing. It's such a great conference. And besides all the wonderful craft information, I love getting to meet so many bloggers in person!

  11. I agree, this was an awesome conference!

    I've posted a few notes so far, and I'm going to continue posting notes throughout the week!

  12. Good to see you met Suzanne Young. She's a blast, isn't she? I wish I could have been there.

  13. omg I miss you so much!! I had so much freaking FUN with you Casey!! When do I get to see you again?

    PS I'll post pics on Monday or so and let you know =)

  14. I was there and had a fantastic time! I have been writing up some of my notes and thoughts on my blog at Not all done yet, but I did take a whole notebook full of notes, make some great new writing buddies, and just relish in the written word.