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WriteOnCon: Myths & Misconceptions!

Hey all - here are the fab vlogs by Holly, Molly, and Martha to keep you happy while we work on the site! 

Have you always wondered what agents and editors are REALLY thinking? Tune into this amazing Q&A session with literary agent Holly Root and editors Molly O’Neill and Martha Mihalick. Don't miss this fascinating inside look at publishing!

Please note: We've posted this discussion in two parts due to it's length, but believe me you'll want to watch the entire thing. Enjoy!

P.S. Special thanks to Holly's husband Jon Root for his mad vlog editing/moderating skills.


  1. Thanks, Casey! I was afraid I was the only one who couldn't get on the site and was missing all the fun!
    Good luck!!

  2. I can't get on either! Can't wait to watch!

  3. Ican't get on. I was watching the videos and when I clicked to another link I got nothing. I've tried using different browsers but nothing works. Will this be resolved soon?

  4. Please feel free to watch the videos here and save a comment for the site!

    It should be up soon (we hope!).

  5. Oh good. I was afraid it was my stupid computer. Thanks for posting the vlog here!

  6. This was awesome. I want to work with all of those women now! Thank you so much for doing this :)

  7. Thank you, Casey! Great vlog!

  8. Thanks for posting this. I heard that some adult lit writers crashed the con, and stole some girl's lunch money. :(

  9. Awesome!! Loved this!! Thank you so much for posting it for those of us who were among the Forbidden Ones. =) You rock, I'm just sayin'.

  10. Thanks for posting this here and thanks to the literary mythbusters--you rock.

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  12. Thanks so much for the questions and answers. Loved it. Thank you (and to Mr. Root too).