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Tip Tuesday #52

I have another quick tip from Kay Em Evans.  Please give her blog a visit.  She has a series of great interviews!

If anyone ever attends a writers' conference, I would suggest approaching agents the first day there if you plan to pitch to them. Or, at least approach as many as you can, shake their hands. To me, this seemed counterintuitive. I thought it would be best to let everyone get settled in, relaxed, see my face around the conference -- then pitch to them days 2 and 3. I was also, admittedly, a little intimidated my first day. I wanted to feel everything out.

By days two and three, though, the agents were exhausted (having been hosting workshops AND getting pitched to by every attendee there). 

I think agents are definitely exhausted by the end of a conference, but if a natural meeting doesn't occur on day one, don't sweat it!  I imagine they're happy to meet writers even on the last day if it's done in a friendly, professional manner.

What about you, readers, what experiences have you had in approaching agents at conferences or similar events?  I'm curious!  Thanks for the tip, Kay!


  1. Great advice, Kay. I'm pretty shy about introducing myself to agents, so this might be a tough thing to do. But it makes a lot of sense!

  2. Good advise. I'm a shy one too. I've also heard you should just talk to them about something in general, like books they are reading, etc. if you approach them at a non pitch session and wait for them to ask what your book is about.

  3. great advice! thanks so much :D

  4. Now, if only I could muster up enough money to get to the conference!

  5. I just say hi and treat them like normal human beings. I don't pitch them unless they ask about my story. Might seem counter productive but somehow it seems to work in my favor when I query them.

  6. I've heard things along the lines to what Karen and Natalie have said - that we should introduce ourselves and just treat them like people, and wait until after they have asked about our project.

    I find the idea of approaching an agent really intimidating, though... Especially when they bunch up together. I feel much more comfortable approaching one person at a time.

  7. I never thought about it that way, but that's good advice.