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Wednesday's Word Count

NaNo style!

But even if you aren't doing NaNo this year, please feel free to participate. Wednesday's Words provides writers a place to commit to a writing goal, any writing goal, and face up to it in the company of others the week following. It is my hope that making public, doable week-to-week goals will help writers stay motivated to succeed and exceed their desired progress.

Prior Goal:
Finish outlining for NaNo and keep up the required word count totaling 6668 words for Nov. 1st -4th.

Achieved: Finished outlining and wrote 9261 words.

Goal for new week:
11669 words.

Excuses / comments:
Many of our weekly word counts have been painstakingly raised by NaNo this week and will continue to be so for the next near-month. So far I'm exceeding the daily requirement (1667 words) but it's already getting harder and I know there will be days short coming that will eat up the extra padding I've developed. Let's band together and keep motivated NaNoers!

As always, please post your goals in the comments. I'm hoping for a good weekly turn out during NaNo. We can all use the support now more than ever. Please participate!

P.S. "Remember, remember the Fifth of November," - it's Nov. 5th again already! It's not really a big thing in the U.S., but does anyone else recognize this day yearly in some way?


Stephanie J said...

Achieved: Um... for yet another week in a row my word count is slim. Since last week I've written about 1500 words (yay!) but in terms of NaNo I'm way, way, WAY behind!
Goal for new week: 11669 and then some...

My excuses: work, election party, event with friends on Monday, soccer game (tonight)

I wish we had a US holiday with a fun saying like that!

Heather Hansen said...

I can't think in this linear fashion right now so excuse the mess...

goal: keep up with NaNo.

Fell behind (but not by too much)

New goal: get caught up and stay on target.

PJ Hoover said...

I revised about 30 pages last night. Not a ton, but today is looking better!

Casey Something said...

I hope you can catch up Stephanie. NaNo will be a great time to try to push yourself. Try to focus on quantity and not quality right now.

Heather, I hope you can get caught up and stay caught up soon! I know life has been kicking you in the butt this week.

Great job on the revisions PJ! I hope you can knock out a ton this week!