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Wednesday's Word Count

It's Wednesday again and the last week of NaNoWriMo. The heat is on - how much can we write these last five days?

Prior Goal:
11,669 words.

Achieved: 10,758 (11/19 - 11/25)

Goal for new week:
6,000 words at least.

Excuses / comments:
I came pretty close to my goal this week, thanks to my 40k-by-Friday night goal last week and some good writing time yesterday. If I had written more over the weekend (again) I would have gone over, but I've come to realize that weekends just aren't good for me. The really cool thing? I've been able to get as far as I have even with puny-word-count weekends. Who knew I could achieve so much during the week?

I have just under 6,000 words left! Ideally, I'd like to be at 50k by Friday night but with Thanksgiving happening tomorrow (it's not likely I'll write) I might have to finish on Saturday or even Sunday. I really hope I don't have to cut it that close though!

Well Wednesdayers, what have you accomplished this week? What goal are you carrying to the end of November and beyond? I can't beleive we'll be in December by the next Wednesday's Words. Wow!


Rhonda Helms said...

You can do it--go go go!!

I did NaNoEditMo this year, LOL. I finally finished editing the book yesterday. YAY!

Jill Wheeler said...

Yeah, weekends are bad for me, too.

One thing I'm worried about is keeping myself motivated now that NaNoWriMo is over. Do you do this Wednesday words thing every week? It would be awesome if somebody would hold me accountable. If you are planning to do this beyond November, I am setting a goal for myself of 10,000 words by next Wednesday.

You're doing great on NaNo, btw. Keep it up!

Casey Something said...

Congrats on finishing your edit Rhonda! That's awesome!

Jill: I do Wednesday's Words every week regardless of NaNo, so definitely stick around! It's my way of trying to keep my own goals and help others stay accountable to theirs.

I don't expect to write as much as I have been after NaNo, but I'm definitely going to give myself decent word count goals since I know I can reach them if I push myself. Hopefully we'll be able to keep each other accountable!

PJ Hoover said...

Once again I'm cutting. I've cut about 5000 words so far this week!

Heather Hansen said...

erm... I didn't do this the other day. woops.

done/goal: 3099/4000

Just short.

Next week's goal 4000